Mr. Y had clearly dropped his mortgage rate and existence monetary financial savings on the poker 

desk in Atlantic City, NJ. Returning home to VA, he have grow to be concerned and quite embarrassed at dropping any such massive sum of money, no longer to mention this months mortgage fee. He could not tell his spouse, she may flip out, she would not understand. Mr. Y could not borrow the money both as it would reason in addition embarrassment. Visit :- ตำนานลึกลับ

When Mr. Y lower back to paintings on Monday, he “stumbled” upon a way to get the coins returned. His commercial enterprise business enterprise EFG Technologies changed into a swiftly growing business enterprise that had lax internal controls. The organization handiest required approval on bills made to carriers that had been over $750.00. Mr. Y decided to installation dummy groups alongside with his spouse’s initials and use PO containers to collect the “payments.” Mr. Y concept to himself, “as soon as I get that huge Vice President marketing, I will pay off the cash from the each year bonus’ the enterprise will pay all of the executives every yr.”

Mr. Y end up able to forge invoices from commercially available software application; the debts payable clerks were crushed with the amount of labor volume and that they did not check invoices for accuracy. Mr. Y started out “billing” his organisation for invoices that had been under the $750.00 threshold. In a years time he stole over $50,000; sufficient to make up the mortgage fee and update his misplaced existence financial financial savings.

However, in time, Mr. Y did now not get that massive selling he became looking forward to. Angered with the resource of his boss’s screw mission, Mr. Y endured to bill his company for the faux invoices and advanced the frequency just so he bilked the enterprise of $100 fifty,000 in fraudulent bills. Mr. Y felt justified for taking the coins thinking about that he might have earned as an awful lot IF he had gotten that promoting; to make himself enjoy higher he determined to via a cutting-edge Lexus.

A few months later, Mr. Y’s scheme unraveled when internal auditors located that his dummy businesses had the same PO boxes. Mr. Y confessed to defrauding the enterprise and changed into prosecuted and convicted.

Interesting tale, would now not you are saying? The tale is fictional but it is a not unusual prevalence in present day-day international. The headlines are entire of comparable stories which incorporates this one. So what can we learn from this in our pursuit of studying approximately fraud? The first step is to recognize why Mr. Y decided to commit fraud in opposition to his corporation. We can gain an know-how of why Mr. Y defrauded his EFG Technologies through the usage of Cressey’s Fraud Triangle.

Cressey’s fraud triangle states that wherein fraud is gift there ought to be three elements. These 3 elements are perceived strain, perceived possibility & rationalization. Think of a fireplace; in order for a fireplace to burn it want to have warmness, oxygen and gasoline. When all 3 are present a hearth will burn out of manipulate. The equal is authentic for a fraudulent act. When perceived strain, perceived opportunity and rationalization intersect, fraud is relatively probable to occur.

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